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Help us find a treatment for monkeypox

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PLATINUM is a UK-wide clinical trial testing an antiviral drug called tecovirimat, which might help people with monkeypox get better more quickly and could shorten the time that they are infectious.

PLATINUM is recruiting participants throughout the UK, and most people with monkeypox are eligible to join.

Hear from the Chief Investigator, Professor Sir Peter Horby, about the PLATINUM trial

Hear from a patient representative about their monkeypox experience


In May 2022, cases of monkeypox were detected in the UK and some other countries where the monkeypox virus is not normally found, with evidence of it spreading from person to person. Although vaccination may be protective against monkeypox, at present there is no proven treatment for those with infection.

Tecovirimat is an antiviral drug that was developed to treat illness caused by poxviruses, including monkeypox. It has been shown to improve recovery from monkeypox in animals, but because the infection is rare we don’t know if it works in people. It has, however, been given to over 400 healthy people in order to test its safety, with no concerns identified.

Tecovirimat may increase the speed of recovery from monkeypox, and could reduce the risk of complications or the chance of spreading infection to others. The PLATINUM trial aims to find out whether or not tecovirimat is safe and effective in the treatment of people with monkeypox who do not need admission to hospital.